I’magine. I’mpossible

open your eyes and show the world like no one has ever seen it before!

How many times have you ever dreamt of teleportation, of seeing and experiencing something right there and then? How many times have you ever wondered: “I wish I could be there and see it with my own eyes”?

We envisioned a world in which any smartphone was a walking webcam or walking TV. A new way to have eyes anywhere. The possibility to watch what others are seeing, sharing slices of their life, live, with friends and followers. A chance to embrace the ephemeral, a new way to catch those “can’t-miss moments” and seamlessly capture “life glimpses”. What we imagined is video live-streaming, a new way of real-time communication.

In the beginning they said we were crazy if we thought people would want to share their lives LIVE.

People, brands, media and organizations…everyone has something to show “right here, right now”. Video is the content king, and live makes it epic: a U2 concert, a demonstration in Paris, an auction of a masterpiece, snow in Manhattan, breaking news, a sunset in Maui or the Champions League football final…

In a new world in which social media and TV converge and where user generated video is the new social currency, join our vision!

For the spontaneous, the eager, the enthusiastic, the caring and the bold …open your eyes and show the world like no one has ever seen it before!

#FollowMyEyes and discover the world, live! Take a look…