EYETOK respects the copyright and intellectual property rights of the Users and Third Parties.

The Users of the EYETOK Services undertake to respect the copyright and intellectual property of other Users, Third Parties, other individuals or legal entities and EYETOK.

Except for those uses, exceptions or limitations legally established, the Users undertake not to broadcast, reproduce, communicate, transform, distribute, disclose or store any videos or other Contents through the Services concerning sports events, shows, concerts, cinema, plays, etc., protected by copyright or intellectual property rights, any other rights or contracts (e.g. conditions for accessing the venue), without the express consent of the holders of such rights.

In accordance with the Terms, the Privacy policy and this Copyright policy, the Users are informed and accept that the Contents they create, broadcast or communicate through the Services may be accessible and communicated to other Users, Third-Party Entities and the General Public.

User Rights

The User shall be responsible for and will be consider the author of the Contents they generate or create, in accordance with current legislation on copyright and intellectual property.

In accordance with the EYETOK Terms, in the One-to-Channel and Channel-to-One Service formats, or any other Service available as provided in the Terms or by EYETOK, Content generated and broadcasted by Users may be granted in EXCLUSIVITY for its use and commercial exploitation to the Channel, and to be used either in the Channel itself or in any other mass communications services or platforms (television, internet, etc.).

Hence, the User ACCEPTS that his/her Contents will be granted in exclusivity, worldwide and for unlimited time, to the Channel, and that the User may not use nor broadcast such Contents, or use them in any other way or format, outside or independently from the Channel, or without the authorization of the Channel or EYETOK.

EYETOK rights – licence for use of the exploitation rights

The Users grant EYETOK a worldwide non-exclusive transferable licence for use of the exploitation rights over the Contents they create and generate, free of charge and of royalties, for the entire protection period (with the possibility of sub-licensing) so that EYETOK or its licensees might reproduce, distribute, publically communicate and transform the Contents, including commercially, through the Services in any form of use currently known, in particular through television channels, webpages for communicating and hosting videos, applications for mobiles and tablets and any multimedia format.

The User expressly entitles EYETOK to be able to assign all the exploitation rights, in any form of use, in favour of Third-Party Entities or any other person, including webpages for communicating and hosting videos (e.g. YouTube), social networks (e.g. Facebook, Twitter), media such as television channels, applications and multimedia formats and the like.

Notwithstanding the above, in the One-to-Channel and Channel-to-One Service formats, or in any other Service available as provided in the Terms or by EYETOK, the Users grant an EXCLUSIVE right to use and commercially exploit his/her Contents to EYETOK and the Channel.

In accordance with the Terms, EYETOK is the holder or licensee of the intellectual property rights over the software, graphics, texts, logos, trademarks and other creations or works subject to protection related to the web and the Services.

In accordance with the foregoing provisions, the Users grant EYETOK a licence for use over the Contents or other materials they may generate through or by virtue of the Services with the purpose of EYETOK communicating, distributing, transforming or reproducing them through the Services, and enabling EYETOK to assign them to third parties for commercial ends. Such licence is granted for an indefinite period, worldwide, without royalties and non-exclusively.

Notification of Infringements (REPORT)

EYETOK provides Users with a notification system, reserved and confidential, to inform of those Contents or other activities performed through the Services involving an infringement of the Terms, the Privacy policy or Copyright policy.

The notification system shall enable the User to specify whether the Content:

  1. Infringes their copyright or intellectual property, or that of third parties or other Users.
  1. Is of a sexual or pornographic nature.
  1. Offends minors.
  1. Invades the privacy of others.
  1. Is of an offensive, derogatory, racist, homophobic or obscene nature.
  1. Other circumstances.

In addition, EYETOK provides Users with the email address so they might communicate and inform on any unlawful or inappropriate Contents or alleged infringements the Terms or the Privacy and Intellectual Property policies.

They may likewise contact us at the following address: C/ Ca l’Alegre de Dalt, 55-57, local 4º 1ª, 08024 Barcelona

Having received notification of an infringement, EYETOK undertakes to examine the Content reported and, at its discretion, provisionally suspend the Content of the Services until the issue is resolved.

In order to obtain additional information relating to the report and reported Contents, EYETOK may contact both the User responsible for the Content and the User reporting it.

Such information may consist of certificates and declarations on the ownership and rights of the Contents, signed statements from Users, and any other information necessary for clarifying and resolving the report.

Users undertake to collaborate with EYETOK and provide any information which may be necessary to process and resolve the report.

Once the Content has been examined, and any supplementary information received which, where applicable, might have been requested, EYETOK shall cancel or keep the Content on los Services.

Likewise, EYETOK reserves the right to temporarily suspend or cancel the account of the Registered User responsible for the Content breaching the Terms and Privacy and Intellectual Property policies.

In the event of any abusive or false reports, EYETOK reserves the right to suspend the account of the User making the false or abusive report, and even cancel such User account in the case of repeat offenders.

EYETOK guarantees the confidentiality of the identity of the reporting party, and under no circumstances will notify any third parties or the reported User of this.