Eyeland. The all-seeing eye

Live is the big bet to enhance video engagement. But, how to be relevant? Which is the most meaningful moment?

We think it does not depend on the duration, but on the glimpses captured, those “can’t-miss-moments”. Any video live stream has it’s #moment, and with Eyeland, a web pro solution for companies eager to access, manage and publish video footage in real time, they can get a curated feed that captures and sequences all those unique instants.

With Eyeland, companies have an easy-to-deploy and cost-effective tool to create managed channels, filter and select the video streams from their fans and followers and dramatically increase engagement, as that same audience co-creates and contributes to an exclusive. The result is real-time, curated collective content, made from different points of view, in a same frame moment.
If you want to access to Eyeland and create your own channel please drop us an email at